Bodywreath will make you happy. Bodywreath will make you content.
Bodywreath is everything you ever wanted in a seasonal decoration. Bodywreath
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A big thank you to everyone who joined us and shared the Bodywreath experience!

Although we still have lots of  Twinkle Toe earrings, Stop-A-Head wine stoppers, and even a couple of Bag-o-Head’s left, the wreath that started it all-- Bodywreath -- is now sold out.
 Bodywreath brings Dorothy’s own Ruby Red Slippers direct from Oz to you!
Because a Bag O’ Heads is better than just one.
Bag O’ Heads! 

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Bodywreath News Bodyshop T-shirts, mugs, pins & more all with the iconic Bodywreath image.
Class up you wine cellar with Stop-A-Head!
Ruby Red Slipper Earrings!
Click your heals three times and let these sparkly little red shoes bring you home!